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Effective date : 01/Jan/2011

ITEMS Slabs /Criteria Rate (Rs.)
Cheques collection under speed clg. Free
NEFT Outward by transfer from A/c only Free
RTGS Outward by transfer from A/c only Rs. 2 lacs to Rs. 5 lacs
Above Rs. 5 lacs
Issue of Payorders & multicity cheques a) Upto Rs. 10000/-
b) Above Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 50000/-
c) Above Rs. 50000/-
For Duplicate issue/ Cancellation /Revalidation of Multicity
Cheque/Pay Order
Return Cheque/ECS 100/-
Stop payment Charges Per Cheque 50/- (Max. Rs. 100)
Minimum Balance in Basic SB A/c NIL
Min. Bal. in operative SB A/c w/o Cheque Book 100/-
Min. Bal. in operative SB A/c with Cheque Book 500/-
Minimum Bal. in operative Current account 2500/-
Minimum Bal. not maintained in CA A/c 50/- p.m
Service Charge in CA,OD,CC A/c 400/. p.a
CA,OD,CC cheque book 30 leaves 50/- inclusive S.T
SB cheque book 15 leaves 20/-inclusive S.T
Duplicate SB A/c Passbook 20/-
TOD/Excess Limit-CA/CC/FOD/OD 18% p.a

The Service charges are inclusive of all charges other than GST
No Penal charges for non maintenance of minimum balance in any inoperative a/c including basic SB A/c will be levied.